Charleston DUI Attorney | How a Good Lawyer Can Help You with Your DUI

A good Charleston DUI Attorney studies their profession and specialty for years, working different cases with various situations, all of them being different. Every case is unique, but there are many tactics and strategies that work no matter the situation. A DUI is extremely harmful to a person, no matter who they are because the punishment is very harsh. A simple mistake shouldn’t ruin someone’s life, so that is why we are here to help those who need someone to fight for them in their DUI case.

The laws in South Carolina state that driving under the influence means that the driver is impaired by either alcohol or drugs. The legal limit in South Carolina is a .08 BAC (blood/alcohol content), in which if a person’s BAC is at or below the legal limit, it can be still safe for them to drive. However, a DUI can still be issued if the officer sees that the driver is clearly impaired and cannot pass a field sobriety test, regardless of that person’s BAC. Remember that citizens have the right to refuse a field sobriety test without consequences, and the same is not true for submitting to a chemical test that determines the alcohol or drug use.

Our team has worked many cases involving all kinds of DUI situations and we understand how devastating it can be for someone. A Charleston DUI Attorney’s job is to reduce and even eliminate the possibility of harsh punishment. We know the laws for every type of DUI, whether it is a first offense or a subsequent offense. The biggest punishment of a DUI is having your driver’s license suspended. This is especially true for people who drive for a living. Even if a CDL holder is driving their personal vehicle at the time of getting a DUI, their CDL can still be suspended, which means a lost job. Keeping your license and reducing the fines and keeping you out of jail is the number one priority of a Charleston DUI Attorney.

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