When someone gets a DUI their driver’s license is automatically suspended by the DMV even if you have not been convicted of your DUI yet. Not being able to drive can be a great burden on individuals or families. Luckily, there are a few ways that a Charleston DUI attorney can help you get a Temporary Alcohol License which will allow you to drive while your court case is pending.

What is A Temporary Alcohol License?

A Temporary Alcohol License, or Temporary Alcohol Restricted License, allows drivers who have been charged with a DUI to legally drive for up to six months while they are going through the criminal court system and administrative courts with the DMV. You are restricted to only driving certain routes with a TARL such as to work and home, school, or an Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program.

Another option that your Charleston DUI attorney can push for is a provisional driver’s license. This type of license is not route restricted and will allow you to drive freely. If you are a busy person who has a lot of driving to do for work, kids, and family life, a provisional license is often a better option than a temporary alcohol restricted license.

Drivers are only ever allowed one restricted license in their lifetime and only certain charges make driver’s eligible including:

  • Controlled Substance DUI
  • Failure to stop.
  • Alcohol violations
  • Implied consent
  • Misrepresentation of identity (fake driver’s license, lying about identity)
  • Past due child support suspensions

The only exception to receiving multiple TARLs is having a suspension that has to do with past due child support amounts. Drivers can apply to have more than one restricted license if they have no more than two offenses of suspension due to nonpayment of child support within five years.

The administrative process to be approved for a TARL can be complicated and you will find more success if you are backed by a Charleston DUI attorney that can handle the criminal and administrative sides to getting a DUI.

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